How To Create Multiple E-mail Accounts on Samsung Device

Having multiple Google accounts is very usual these days, because some would use one account for professional use and the other for personal use. Using other Google services like Google Drive and Google Plus also needs a Google account and there are many reasons why having several Google accounts in a single Android phone is […]

Best Android Apps for Live Cricket Score And Live Sports Streaming

Every cricket lover has the fever of cricket. Cricket addicts neither care of hotness of summer nor for chilling winter. They simply just delight in every match on the Cricket ground with their favorite cricket players. Annually, IPLT20, ICC comes with brand-new enjoyment, consequently all of us can’t afford to miss even a single ball […]

How To Share Any File Type (PDF, Doc, Zip) Through WhatsApp on Android or iOS

Whatsapp is a part of our social life. Whats app lets you wish, share everything, greet our loved ones, invite our friends for a party, and share our mood or feelings online. We use this social app for sending jokes, songs, stories, share status, photos, videos, greeting, wishes, contacts etc from gallery and cameras directly from […]

Top Five Best Whatsapp Alternative App 2016 For Free

Now days connecting with friends, family and colleagues have become easier. Today we use many apps, messenger to connect with everyone. One of them mostly and commonly use by all are Whatsapp. But you get bored with whatsapp? And searching for something new and interesting? Or in other words looking for whatsapp alternative for Smartphone’s? Here we’ve brought […]

Top 10 Best Photo Editing apps For Android – Best Photo Editor 2016

This list has been compiled taking note of five paid apps and five free apps. There are many photo-editing apps on the market, but a lot of them are not worth your time. For example, many free photo-editing apps are poorly created so that you will purchase the paid upgrades. This list has free apps […]

How To Download Tekken 3 for Android

Hey guys! Good news for all of you. We can now finally download Tekken 3 for android devices and it works simply superb. The game graphics are completely compatible with all the android devices and gives really a wonderful experience. Here we will give you all a brief tutorial on how to download Tekken3 for android. […]

Top Free MP3 Download Apps for Android 2016

MP3 Download Apps for Android: Hey friends! How many of you love listening to music and shake your legs on those beats? The obvious answer “Everyone” loves listening music and shaking their legs on the floor. With the advancement in technology, finally the smartphones substitutes the mp3 players as well as other music devices. Even […]

Top 25 Best Medical Apps 2016 For Doctors And Patients

Your health is very important, but staying healthy is not always easy. It can be difficult to find a doctor that you really like or remember to take your medicine every day. Use these five applications to help take care of himself. Set reminders pill, find a doctor near you or to quickly search medical […]

Top 5 Free File/Folder Hiding or Unhiding Apps For Android

How to hide or unhide file or folder at Android device: Now these days, everyone seems to be concerned the privacy of their content. Most of us love sharing selfies, nature snaps, and family photos with our friends. Your duckface picture or your picture with your girlfend, those are embarrassing, not meant for public viewing. […]

Top 10 Best Video Players for Android To Play All Video Formats

Smartphone is the essential product in our daily life as a result apps on playstore are increase day by day. Watching locally stored video on Smartphone and tablets are one of the prime reasons to own a Smartphone or tablet. Not only people watch videos as common activity in leisure hours but also while they […]